Learn and experience the Zen art of freestyle SAORI weaving at HanDen Studios, located in Peachtree City, GA

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We offer a variety of SAORI weaving classes, suitable for both beginners and experienced weavers alike. Our class offerings range from 2-hour guided sessions, to multi-day topical intensives. Explore all our class options and register to come weave with us today!

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We attend many shows, festivals, and events throughout the Southeastern United States, in addition to organizing our own speciality workshops and retreats. View our calendar of upcoming special events and make your plans to join us at one!


We are an authorized dealer of SAORI looms, weaving supplies, and yarn. Our online shop also features unique garments and accessories made from our own handwoven fabric, as well as a selection of weaving tools and accessories, found exclusively at HanDen Studios!


We’ve created a series of video and PDF tutorials to help guide our students through a number of common SAORI weaving topics, such as warping, using inside sets, and three-color interlocking. Sign up today for FREE to access these useful tutorials!

Who is SAORI for?

SAORI Is for Anyone and Everyone

One of the main tenets of SAORI weaving is that anyone can do it, whether you’re an experienced weaver or have never before sat at a loom. Neither your age nor your physical ability matter. With no patterns to follow, there is no right or wrong way to create an amazing piece of fabric that is uniquely yours. All that’s required for SAORI weaving is one of our looms, some yarn that sparks joy in you, and the willingness to explore the unknown, see where your imagination takes you, and embrace the natural beauty of your undirected creativity.

Upcoming Events

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Day 2 of Tour de Fleece has begun. Too humid outside to spin on the deck, so this is my view today. May get in more than 30 min today. #spinnersofinstagram #tourdefleece2020
30 min today on the deck spinning. #spinnersofinstagram #tourdefleece2020
The beaded lace continues. Today with the help of my @pawleystudios mug
Another Corned Beef in the pressure cooker. Loads of potatos and carrots ready to cook up into potato soup. So now time for some beaded lace knitting. #handenstudios #socialdistancing
A few of my favorite things. AkerKate from @akerworks with yarn caddies also from @akerworks  teamed with a bobbin from @thewinderfull. My coffee cup from @charansachar and my knitting - pattern by @letissierdesigns and yarn from @the_buffalowoolco.  And of course my most awesome bead tray from my Hanley (available at HanDen Studios and @sugarfoot_yarns ) what are you working on this Sunday morning?
Rhiannon's Wrap  is coming along (after a brief hiatus). Pattern by @letissierdesigns yarn from @the_buffalowoolco .

News from the Studio

Call me “friend”

Call me “friend”

I was raised in a military family. My dad retired from the USAF when I was 5 or so. My 3 brothers all served – the first entering the USMC shortly after Daddy retired. By the time I was 10, all 3 were in serving in the military. We lived in Riverside, CA – a town not...

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