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2019 Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)

Studio Event:
If you live in the Southeastern US, THIS is the event you DO NOT want to miss! 3 days of market. 4 days of workshops. It is AMAZING! We have a booth, and we teach a 1/2 day class on each of the 4 workshop days. Read more

Hats Workshop

Studio Event:
You’ve seen the hats. You’ve wanted to know how to make them. This class will teach you how to make them to fit everyone in your family! You will learn how to make three hat styles. You will receive written directions that include how to make the pattern to fit a variety of sizes. And we will have a LOT of fun. Read more

Dye That WARP Party

Studio Event:
Have you ever wanted to take a warp and make something, well… really different? Kenzo taught me this technique in 2013. The result is really awesome. This technique is sometimes... Read more