About HanDen Studios

About HanDen Studios Weaving

HanDen Studios is a collective of art studios owned and operated by husband-wife team Hanley Lewis and Denise Prince in Tyrone, GA. The collective includes studios dedicated to freestyle weaving and fiber arts, and woodworking.

Unique handcrafted garments and accessories designed and created by Denise Prince are available for sale. The studio offers classes for students of all levels, as well as topic-specific workshops and other special events.

Studio Location & Hours:

Denise teaches out of her home studio currently located in Tyrone, GA. She offers regular weekly classes on Tuesdays from 1:00 pm — 3:30 pm.

Other class times can be arranged by appointment. Click below to learn more about our classes!

About Denise Prince

Denise Prince, along with her husband Hanley, finds joy in being a maker. She opened HanDen Studios Weaving in 2012, after her lifelong interest in fiber arts took her on a journey that led her to the Japanese art of freestyle weaving. The unique freeform style of weaving drew Denise in, and she knew she had found her new calling.

Denise has studied in Japan with Kenzo Jo and his teachers at SAORINOMORI, the Japanese studio that is the official global home of SAORI weaving.

In addition to freestyle weaving, Denise also enjoys sewing, spinning and dyeing yarn, and is an award-winning custom jewelry designer.



242 Kirkley Rd
Tyrone, GA 30290


(952) 200-4869

HanDen Studios Weaving is located in a private residence and is open by appointment only. To schedule a class or arrange for a visit, please contact us.

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