…at least according to Roger Miller.

And while I generally take the words “you can’t” as a challenge to prove the person wrong, I think Roger may have been onto something. Especially when you get to the chorus… Because the thing you can do is “be happy if you’ve a mind to; All ya gotta do is put your mind to it; Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it.”

(Click here to listen to Roger sing classic song!)

I was headed somewhere in the car this past week when this classic came on the radio (Sirius 60s on 6) and it got me thinking about happiness. What makes us happy? Is it as simple as Roger makes it out to be? A choice we make in spite of our circumstances?

Ok, this is not the car with Sirius, but it’s a great pic of Steph and me in Hanley’s Caddy.

I’m sure I know many people who would argue with the idea that happiness is a choice. They would tend to say that they would be happy IF something in their life were different – if they had a job, if a particular person would change, if their health were better… You get the idea.

But if these people are right, how do they explain people like my friend Linda? She’s battling breast cancer – and she’s barely 40! She is happy. And positive! If you are going to beat cancer, you HAVE to be!

I’m sure we can all think of people who fit in each of these camps. And when I think of them, the difference is attitude: being positive in the face of adversity. Choosing happiness as a life style: accepting the challenges in life as just another hill to climb, and enjoying the view along the way.

Now at this point, many of you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with weaving. Well, to be fair, I have warned that these posts might not always be “on topic.”

But when I think about SAORI, I think about choices. I make a conscious choice to weave without the constraints of perfection, or pattern.

I make a conscious choice to be a part of a group that learns and grows together – as a group; a group that willingly shares ideas and techniques in order to enhance everyone’s knowledge and skill.

I make a conscious choice to explore new ideas and techniques and styles with all my heart and without fear of failure.

I make a conscious choice to sit at the loom and to weave with a happy heart.

SAORI is so much more than just an international company. It is so much more than just a style of weaving. It encompasses a philosophy that teaches many lessons for living a life where happiness is the attitude of choice.

So, maybe I can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, or drive around with a tiger in my car. BUT I CAN CHOOSE to be HAPPY!

What is your attitude of choice today?